Friday, August 12, 2005

RUN mentioned in TIME

I'm in TIME!
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Laura Locke recently interviewed me about Current for TIME. I picked up a copy recently and find the article to be quite balanced and reveals how Al Gore's station's success is pending on carriage through Rupert Murdoch's Direct TV. Well done Laura!
And although Current promised to hire hundreds of digital correspondents, contributors must now sign on as free-lancers, who get neither salary nor benefits. In frustration with Current's tight controls, Josh Wolf, 23, a filmmaker and volunteer organizer for Current's San Francisco "meet-up group," at which digital artists view and critique one another's videos, launched his own alternative to Current. Called the Rise Up Network, the collective of video makers is creating a website on which anyone can feature his or her own videos. "A lot of people feel disaffected," he says.

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